October 2, 2012


It was so great to see all the unique edits for this photo! 

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Here's a little more about our judge: 

My name is Larissa Sibiglia, I am 32 years old. I have a degree in Psychology. I first picked up a camera 18 years ago, when I was a freshman in High School. I fell in love then. I started shooting semi-pro about two years ago. Slowly trying to build a business, but it is very hard here in Southern California, since everyone is a "photographer." In my spare time I love to scrapbook, travel and attempt to keep plants alive (I am not great at that). I have a wonderful boyfriend who I have been with 6 years. We have a lovely home and a 14 year old Border Collie, Angel. She is the center of a lot of photos. I own another business selling dance clothing at Dancers Apparel. Other than that you can find me cleaning or photographing whatever I can get my hands on.

Here's her picks and what she had to say! 

Wow this was SOOOO hard. There were so many great edits to choose from. It was really hard to pick.

Jennifer at Fotoplicty
I love this edit because of the texture, it looks like a ripple effect from the plastic wrap edit she used. Great job great edit.

I love how she made this a puzzle piece. The texture the colors it is a great edit. She gave me some great ideas on gifts this Christmas season for my puzzle loving friends. Great edit!

I love this edit. I really like how she made the balloon look like it was upright and floating in the air. I love the sky texture as well. I also loved the way she popped the colors in the balloon. Great edit. Great job. My overall favorite winner!

Congrats to our Winners!
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  1. Ah No way???? WOW ... so cool! THANK YOU ... and YAY for getting a new idea for christmas! :)
    CONGRATS TO AMANDA! :) you deserved it! your edit was amazing!

  2. Congrats to Jennifer too! :) i loved your "ripple" effect as well!

  3. Thank you SO much!! Made my day!! Congrats to Jennifer & Amy! AWESOME edits everyone!!

  4. Thank you! Congratulations to all the winners....and a big thank you to the ladies who host this every week!!!