Here we will feature participant tips on various editing techniques. We are here to learn from each other! Be sure to include your steps and you may be featured as the Tip of the Week!
  • Are you a photoshop user? Need some help brightening eyes?
    • Karen from K*Handke Clicks and Keys says "[I] used the dodge tool on the whites of eyes to brighten..." To find out more about Karen's portrait edit visit her blog!
  • Need a way to make your subject pop? Try this...
    • Squishydoo Photography suggests, "Add a vignette to bring the eye to the center..." To find out more about this edit visit Squishydoo Photography here!
  • A great way to add that something missing to your edit: Actions (Free Actions are the best!)
  • Looking to add depth and emotion to a photo? Try using texture.
    • Andrea says, "add a texture at low opacity, to give it a more canvas type feel." To see her edit visit Kerubo Mama.
  • Expanding your canvas in Photoshop. Karen from k*handtke clicks & keys "expanded the canvas for a different view point - to feel the endless seashore." She learned how from MCP Actions' great tutorialTo see Karen's beautiful edit visit her blog!
  • A great tip from Kara at Just 1 Step "I also cropped the photo; it is a very busy image, and I found the right side of the image to be more interesting than the left, so I cropped off the left side."
  • Photoshop users: Photo need a little warmth? Desirae says "I added an orange color fill and set it on 50% soft light to give some warmth to the photo." Check out her edit here. 
  • Looking for some great new textures and a fun way to use them? Molly made a background combining two lost and taken textures for this week's edit! Check it out!
  • For a bright and sunny edit perfect for a summer outdoors, check out this edit by Shannon at I Should Be Cleaning House!
  • Erin post this interesting tutorial about correcting skin tone! Check out her edit on her beautiful blog

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