January 24, 2012

Winners! - Week #3

 Our guest judge this week. Marilyn from The ArtsyGirl Connection (you can find her on Twitter and Pinterest as well!)

And here is what she had to say about her winners:

This challenge was really FUN and it was interesting to see all the wonderful and creative editing tool's utilized to re-produce such amazing edits. It was really had to pick just three. Everyone had a really interesting and creative point of view that I enjoyed.. 

Third Winner
Heather via A day in the life of a SAHM ... I love the new photo Heather edited. It looks almost as if the boat is sitting in a patch of the river that'a almost dried up to the bottom left. It's beautiful, the tones are pretty and I love her HDR effects.. Lovely edit..

Second Winner
Melania via Happy Jax ... I liked Mel's creative point of view in altering the side of the photo where the boat was to the other, I like the intensity in her color's, the photo is alive and feels almost as if it was taken freshly today. The water clarity and reflections is very pretty as well.. Beautiful edit.. 

First Winner
Sarah via The Stiles Files .. I loved so much about her edit. The new feel to it is classic. It's something I could see out of a book. I loved that she cropped out all the distractions and focused in on the boat. Her tones and color's are beautiful.. The scenic view is even much more amazing..
Congratulations to our Winners! Be sure to grab your winner buttons.
A new challenge begins tomorrow!
If you are interested in judging or sponsoring a challenge, be sure to let us know.


  1. Thank you so much!
    Congrats to 2nd and 1st :)!!

  2. Congrats to all the winners! :D Awesome edits! :D :D

  3. So many amazing edits!! What an honor! Thank you so much Marilyn!!!! :)

  4. Congratulations! Love seeing all the different techniques!

  5. Congrats ladies.. I truly enjoyed everyone's edit.. So lovely and creative.. ;))

  6. YAY... Thank you so much Marilyn! I LOVED learning from all you ladies, & enjoyed every edit. Congrats to the 1st & 3rs winners!!

  7. Oh wow! These came out great!I'm glad that I did not send my edit up. :) Good job.


  8. Beautiful winners....but then, who could loose with such a great picture to edit. Thanks for the fun.