February 21, 2012

Winners - Week 7

We had amazing edits this week, and I am excited to announce our winners! First, though, a refresher on our guest judge for the week. This week's judge is the amazing Rosie of Leavesnbloom Studio

About Rosie Leavesnbloom

Be sure to visit Rosie on Twitter and Facebook, and thank her for judging! While you are at it, check out her lovely weekly photo challenge: Color Me Weekly. The photo she gave us this week was of a "scottish castle on a frosty morning at sunrise with the sheep huddled up around the old stone walls"...  

And here is what Rosie had to say about each of her choices:

I really hope you enjoyed having a little glimpse of 'my world' as I'm sure that it's not every day you get to edit a photograph like this. Can I just say that I had such a difficult time choosing my three favourite edits this week as there were many that I would love to mention in this post for their creativity.  So many were similar aswell which made it all the harder as I think many of you know my editing style and knew just what I like to enhance in my photographs.  Thanks to everyone for joining in and sharing your workflows and I'm sure I'm not the only one who picked up a few tips along the way too.

Here are my three favourite edits:

I had to take a 2nd and a 3rd look at Amanda's image from Seeing Beauty By Amanda -  is that one of my edits?
I love how she edited the shot with that crop as the stone wall now is running along the lower grid of the rule of thirds.  Amanda like some others also kept the scene looking so natural and just enhanced what was already there ever so slightly with her saturation levels.  There was just that hint of blue in the edit that really made it feel like it was a crisp and very cold 8 am one December morning (which it was by the way).

I then noticed a trend with many of the edits as many of you went with a vintage look.  It wasn't easy to pick this one either as many were very similar but what did it for me was Kaylene's from L'Instant.
I like how Kaylene kept the pinkish hues from the original image in the sky and how she cropped the image so that some of the trees and hedgerows were still in the picture as these were good leading lines to draw the viewer up to the castle.......... straight out of a history book so to speak!

My final choice is the overall winner of Edit Me this week and I've got to tell you that my heart jumped a beat or two when I saw this edit from Cathy at A bit of this & a Bit of That.

I just loved the painterly quality to the image and the brightness and the warmth that Cathy created.  This edit is truely wall and frame worthy...........I just wish this was one of my edited shots!

Congratulations to our winners! 
Don't forget to grab your winner badges from the sidebar. 
A new challenge starts tomorrow!! 



  2. Oh WOW!! I am so excited that my edit was in the top 3!! There were SO many gorgeous edits!! I absolutly LOVE the winning edit, it definatly is frame worthy!! Congrats to everyone!!

  3. The are all so different and yet all very beautiful. Congrats to the winners!

  4. Gorgeous edits!! Congrats top 3!!

  5. All three edits are gorgeous! Congratulations to the 3 winners.


  6. It was a treat to work on a CASTLE edit! Thank you! And congratulations to the featured winners... they are awesome.

  7. Wow! Thank you Rosie, it is an honor to be chosen as a winner. I was biting my nails through this because the edits were really wonderful. Thanks to everyone that shared their beautiful edits!

  8. congratulations to the winners! Was lots of fun editing this wonderful photo and will be be back for more of this fun!