February 28, 2012

Edit Me 2012 - Week 8 Winners!

A big thank you to all of the amazing entries in this week's challenge! You have all been blowing us away week after week with your creativity and skill. I love it! Now for a refresher on our guest judge, Bree from His Honey & Her Mommy. Here is a little bit more about her:

 bree his honey and her mama My name is Bree. I am a 30 something working mommy of a 2 ½ little girl and a wife to an amazing husband. I have lived in Utah all my life. I have a passion for photography. On the side I have recently been taking family pictures and portraits. I love learning new things and practicing. It s rare to see me without my camera. I also LOVE decorating my home, gardening, crafting, camping, rock crawling, and 4 wheeling. I also LOVE to travel and have big plans on making sure my little girl gets some of that under her belt. I despise laundry.

Be sure to thank Bree for joining us as a judge this week! Like all of our judges, Bree found this decision very hard! However, she finally narrowed it down to the following winners:

Jennifer @ Fotoplicity
love how simple she kept it with giving it a much softer feel.

loved the brushed effect she added, it is beautiful!

The overall winner:

Loved the tones, she was able to make this picture her own. The frame definitely added the final touch. I love it.

Congratulations to our winners! 
Don't forget to grab your winner badges from the sidebar. 
A new challenge starts tomorrow!! 

oh wait...
Y'all know how I am always a stickler about not allowing more than 3 winners? Well, Bree's little girl wanted to give a shout-out to her favorite, and how could I resist that? So an honorable mention from the photo subject goes to Squishydoo Photography (Bree says: Seriously, she went bananas when she saw this. What a lovely & fun edit. Addison loves Tinkerbelle, and she thought this was amazing!)


  1. Congratulations to the winners,
    There were some beautiful edits

  2. Thank you, Bree, for your photo and your time to challenge us! Congratulations to the winners... and honorable mention by Addison :>)

  3. awwww THANK YOU! :D :D and congrats to every1 else too!

  4. beautiful edits, and a wonderful photo to start with! congratulations to the winners!

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad Addison loved her Tinkerbelle wings:)

  6. Thanks! It was such a sweet photo to edit, and she is such a little cutie!