June 5, 2012

Edit Me 2012 - Week 22 Winners!

Great turn out this week guys! Thanks so much for giving us so many great edits to admire. There was definitely a lot of creativity and some great tips! 

This week's guest judge is a regular participant in the challenge, and we were so excited to have her this week! She mentioned how tough of a job it really is to judge all of your awesomeness! Here is a little bit more about Sarah from The Stiles Files
The Stiles FilesMy name is Sarah and I live in St. Paul, MN with my husband, Jeff, and our two kiddos, Miles and Stella.  I am fairly sure that I was passed over when they were handing out any sort of domestic skills, but my husband picks up the slack and we make it through most days with the kids intact. :)  It's been a little over a year since I got bit by the photography bug and I got bit hard.  I love being a mom more than anything in the world, but I desperately needed a creative outlet that was just.for.me.so.I.wouldn't.go.too.(make.that.any.more.) crazy. I absolutely love taking and editing pictures and, while I have a long way to go, the process of learning has been absolutely wonderful.  My wild children are my main models, but I am branching out to friends and family now and have recently started my own facebook page.  I have loved participating in the Edit Me Challenges and have learned so much from all of you, so I am honored to be the judge this week!

Here are Sarah's Top 3 and what she had to say about each:

Twiggy from The Dirt Life

I like the chance she took by taking the focus off of the subject (the barn) that was in the original photo and putting it on the sky.  It feels like an authentic sunset with the barn in the shadows.  
It's far from any kind of editing I do, but I think it appealed to me for that reason as well.

I'm always drawn to vintage processing and this one had such a dreamy feel.  Even the font of the quote felt whimsical!

Overall Winner:  Sommerful Design
I definitely felt like I should run for cover when I saw this photo!  I LOVED the drama and the grittiness (is that a word?) that the black and white with those ominous, rolling clouds gave it.  I almost felt like I should be clicking my ruby shoes together to get back home!

Congrats Desirae!
You won this necklace from The Glass Lily Pad

Here's a little bit about Tracey and her designs:

Growing up in a small town on 4 acres of land which was partially wooded, made me fall in love with the natural world.  When I got to college I studied art and a studio arts professor suggested I try photography because she thought I might enjoy capturing my love of nature in photographs. I ended up graduating with a BFA in Photography and have been enjoying it for over 15 years now. Recently I discovered how to make jewelry out of my photography and I have fallen in love with this new way of using my photographs!   This has led to the opening of my new shop featuring my jewelry, The Glass LilyPad.

Please take a moment to follow Tracy on Facebook or Twitter, and thank her for being our sponsor this week!

Congrats to the Winners!
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  1. It's amazing how one photo can bring out such a diverse response in us. Each is totally unique and totally amazing! Congratulations, winners!

  2. Oh wow I am soo excited! Thank you!

  3. Tough doesn't even describe it!! I had so many favorites this week! You ladies are AMAZING!!!

  4. Great picks! I'm lovin' all three; can't choose a favorite!

  5. Congrats Sommerful Design! Loved your edit!