April 24, 2012

Edit ME 2012 - Week 16 Winners!

Thanks for another great week guys! We are growing and love it! The more we grow the more we learn and the more great prizes we can get our hands on for you guys! 

I want to quickly mention the Tip of the Week. It can be found on the sidebar. All of the previous tips can be found on the Tips and Tricks Page at the top of the blog. The past couple of weeks I (Stephanie) have been a little behind on getting those out there for you guys. SO, if you spot something that you think is share-worthy don't hesitate to let us know via twitter, facebook, or email! I know sometimes it's hard to visit everyone and I want to make sure your great information is getting out there!

Now, on to what you came for! This week our guest judge was Kat from Living Like the Kings! Kat describes herself as: 

A 20-something blogging about the important things in life - like food, babies, and dogs.  I married my roommate 4 years ago and now we're raising our first baby. Follow along as I try to figure out how to keep up a healthy marriage, take on the challenge of raising our first baby, and still manage to have a little humor in life.

Be sure to visit her on Twitter and Facebook, and thank her for judging! 

Here are Kat's Top 3 and what she had to say!

The adjustments and saturation changes really bring an almost-3d effect to this photo.
 I like the way that these edits make the water feel almost real.
They also bring out the sun kissed effect.

I absolutely love the scrapbook feel of this edit and the quote that Julie chose.  
I also really like the light and level adjustments.

And this week's Winner is:
Karen of Clicks and Keys
 I love the way the baby is off center in this photo, bringing even more attention to her.  
I also really like the overall edits of this photo, the increased reflection, the way the sun hits her face, and the color adjustments. All in all this photo is my favorite because it took a simple beach photo and made it look like a magazine ad.

Congrats Karen!

Behind the Camera and DreamingThis week's prize is provided by our very own co-host, Stephanie from Behind the Camera and Dreaming. In addition to being an awesome photographer, Stephanie also loves to do design work. In fact, she is the one who is responsible for the fabulous design here on the Edit Me blog right now! Stephanie also has an etsy shop where she sells printables! For this week's winner, she is offering a blog design! She will work with you to create a new look for your blog, including a header, button, and social network icons.

Please contact us via Edit Me Challenge Gmail to claim your prize!



  1. Oh, thank you! You just made my day :>) Edit Me Challenge has been so much fun and a learning experience. AND now for a new blog look... I'm so excited!

  2. I'm so excited to have been chosen in the top 3! There were so many great edits! Congrats to Karen on a beautiful edit! I am really enjoying this, so much fun!