April 9, 2012

Edit Me 2012 - Week 14 Winners!

I'm wowed (if that's a word) by the entires this week. So many different takes and yet SO many beautifully finished products. Welcome to our new participants, we HAVE noticed that you are here and are so glad you've joined us! Please continue to share and be an active part of our Edit Me Community as we grow!

 This week we were lucky to get to work with Alicia who is the amazing photographer who captured this week's photo. She blogs at Project Alicia. You can click here or here to learn more about her and her little piece of the blogosphere. She lives for projects. Project Alicia is dedicated to photography, scrapbooking, photoshop, and life projects of all kinds. 

Last week she teamed up with Kristi of Live and Love out Loud and Rebecca of Bumbles & Light to bring you the Leap Into Spring! Photo Challenge - a 6-week photography challenge, April 6 - May 18, aimed at capturing the beauty of spring. You can find more details here.

Here's what Alicia had to say about this week's entries:

Holy cow! Picking favorites is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, after moving cross country and birthing my children of course. :)

So many outstanding entries. Not one alike. All unique and beautiful in their own right. Some cropped vertically. Some removed the fisheye effect almost completely. There was a stellar "photo planet". Shadows. An added clothesline. Clean edits. Drastic transformations. Heck, someone even removed the tree completely. Talk about talent! Top notch! I think YOU should be teaching me! 

But since I could only pick three, these are the ones that spoke to me just a little louder...

 Beth kept this one simple, applying an action from Florabella. I love the soft, vintage tones. But more than that she proved it didn't have to be a time consuming, labor intensive task to create something beautiful. 

Lynn lightened and altered the saturation levels. Really love the ultra textured effect in this color palette. This would be perfect on a canvas.

And overall winner....

Diane added some sepia magic to produce added drama and emotion. The brown hues literally transformed the feel of the photo. She also cropped the photo to align it more with the rule of thirds which is visually appealing. This should be mounted and hung. Beautiful! 

Job well done ladies!

But seriously, kudos to you all! Thank you so much for taking the time to edit my photo! You have opened my eyes to the endless possibilities... 

Thanks for this opportunity!

Thanks again Alicia for being our judge this week!
Congrats to the Winners - Grab Your Button!
A NEW challenge starts tomorrow!


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  2. Good Morning! How great to wake up this morning and see I was selected as this week's winner. Thank you Alicia for providing such a great photo to work with. I truly enjoyed editing it and thank you for selecting my edit as your favorite.

  3. I agree... these are beautiful and unique! Well done, and congratulations!

  4. Loved this challenge. Thank you Alicia for this wonderful photo to play with and for judging!

  5. I loved all the edits to Alicia's photo this week....don't know how you can select just three, but these three are beautifully done.

  6. Thanks again for the opportunity ladies! Looks like you have a great photo to work with this week too! :)

  7. Beautiful winners! This was lots of fun ;)

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