March 6, 2012

Edit Me 2012 - Week 9 Winners!

First, let me say Thank You to Branson for allowing me the opportunity to be here and get to know all of you a little bit better! Just in case you missed my introduction last week:

I’m Stephanie. I am an almost thirty full-time working new mommy with a photography habit…okay addiction. I blog over at Behind the Camera and Dreaming, try to support my addiction with Gray Mornings Photography and enjoy my offline life in Jackson, Mississippi.

I am ECSTATIC to be joining Branson as co-host! I have enjoyed this challenge for a while now and really feel like I've connected with so many of the participants! There is much to learn in the editing world and I love seeing the unique perspective each participant brings. I hope to gain more knowledge from you and share a little of what I've learned along the way. It’s great to be here and I hope to get to know all of you a little better! You can find me blogging, tweeting, facebooking, pinning, and instagraming.
Now, on to this week's challenge! I am so happy that all of you took the time to edit this precious photo of my little man. This is actually the first photo I've been able to get of him actually sitting up and looking up. We are still working on core strength and balance! =)It was so hard to decide on just three, but ultimately these are the ones I kept coming back to. So, here are my Top 3.
I really loved the added brightness and the uniqueness her cloning gave to the background!
Great job Amy!!! Can I come visit you in the Bahamas? =)

I love the smoothness of his skin, the brightness of his eyes and the added blue to the washed out sky! Robin you made my cutie even cuter! Love it!

And my overall favorite and this week's winner:
I have taken notice of Sarah's edits over the past few months and let me say I am a fan! I love the crop, the warmth, the smoothness, the sparkle in his eyes! Sarah really took this photo that had a lot of potential and perfected it. Thank you Sarah! I really love it! You rock girl.

Congratulations to our winners! 
Don't forget to grab your winner badges from the sidebar. 
A new challenge starts tomorrow!! 

I didn't quite make it for the link up, but really wanted to share my process for this photo, using much inspiration from all of you as always! To see it you can hop on over to my blog!


  1. congratulations! :)

  2. Way to go, Winners! Always a great job :>)

  3. Stephanie, that compliment was far better than being in the top 3. You made my day. :) Congrats to the the other winners!

  4. Awwwww Thank You :) :) .... Congrats to the other winners too!! and Sarah I agree... That is a GORGEOUS edit! :)

  5. Congratulations to all! Wonderful edits!

  6. Awesome edits! Congratulations all/

  7. Sarah Hudson has won several times...Awesome!!!

  8. they are all so beautiful! congratulations to the top 3!