March 13, 2012

Edit Me 2012 - Week 10 Winners!

We had some amazing entries in this week's challenge! Welcome to the newbies. We hope you'll join us again soon! I'm so excited to announce our winners for this week, but first here's a little refresher on this week's photographer and judge, Amy from Little Adventures.

Little Adventures
 I live in the beautiful Bahamas with my husband and our amazing son. I have been doing photography on the Island since 2006. Portraits, Landscapes, a few weddings, you name it! I love writing, drawing, painting, photography, etc... I studied Fashion Design in Tampa, FL for a year when I was 17 years old, but my love for the islands became even more evident and I couldnt stay away any longer. Not long after, I got my Happily Ever After and a few years later was blessed abundantly with a sturdy home my father built and a beautiful Son.

Here's what Amy had to say about this week's challenge and winners:

First, I wanted to officially thank each and every one of you for such beautiful edits.I love getting to know and viewing all you wonderful lady's blogs. You can find me at Little Adventures, on facebook, or by email. This photo meant so much to me. This was taken on our vacation to Pulaski, New York last year. It was a vacation filled with firsts. It was our sons first "long distance" plane ride, it was my first out of Florida plane ride, it was our first time to go to J.F.K airport (we were pretty thrilled as tourists normally are :P), it was my first time in the "forest" hahah, first time on a four-wheeler through the woods, and so much more! This horse was my girlfriends mothers horse and she asked if I would take a few photos of them (it was another more pony looking one), and I was HONORED that she liked my photos that much to ask. It made me SUPER happy to see how much each of you enjoyed editing this beautiful animal.
Now onto the winners, as I know that's the exciting part :P
It is REALLY tough to choose only 3 winners... but 3 winners it shall be...
 So here are my Top 3...
(and Thank you again to everyone!)

I loved this from the moment I saw it ... I loved that she kept the chocolate-y
color on the horse... and I just LOVED that the flowers looked like a field 
of snow-white wildflowers. Great Job Denise! 

This edit came in towards the end... and when I spotted it ... I just knew 
it had to be in top 3... I loved that the wildflowers were cloned behind
the fence... and the warm feel of it like a warm summer day in the woods... 
It brought back memories from that trip ... Great Job Cathy... I love it! 

And now for my #1 :o)
Overall Winner this week .... 
Drumroll please... 

Amanda @ Seeing Beauty

This was edit #2 and I have had my eye on this since day one. I first noticed the
straight fence it no longer caught my eye. She also took the rope out and brightened
up the horse's face a bit. I just loved the soft, fairy-tale feel of this. It belongs 
on a wall. I also really loved that she took out the houses in the background and cropped it close
to the subject so that the beautiful horse is where your eye is drawn to! Amazing Edit girl. 
I loved it from the moment I saw it! 

Be sure to thank Amy for being such an awesome judge and check out her edit of this beautiful photo!

Congratulations to our winners! 
Don't forget to grab your winner badges from the sidebar. 
A new challenge starts tomorrow!


  1. WOW!! I am so honoured that my edit won!! Congrats everyone!!

  2. Thanks to everyone who participated! :) I really appreciated this opportunity!

  3. Awesome ... the winners edits are so beautiful.
    Congratulations to all!

  4. What a beautiful horse!!! Great job everyone!!

  5. Well deserved win Amanda, it looks so dreamy! Thanks Amy, it is an honor to be in the top 3!