November 8, 2011

Winners! {Week24}

I was really excited about having you guys edit this photo for me. Every week I am amazed at the creativity and variety in the edits we get! I am always so inspired by the time I am done making my comment rounds, and think "boy am I glad I don'thave to choose the winner"... except this week, I do! I wish I could have chosen a dozen winners, because there were so many great entries, but I don't let anyone else cheat and pick extras, so here are my Top 3 Edits. (I also posted my own edit as part of my Texture Tuesday post over on my own blog)

Sarah @ Naptime Momtog brought back her serious pixel bender skills, and created an image that is fun and unique! You can tell the initial edit was gorgeous by the color and light in this edit, and then adding that creative touch turned this into a work of art! I can't help but wonder what my Grandpa would think of this one!

Deanna @ Snippets from Springdale had a lovely vintage edit with such light and vibrance! I love how the photo just glows! Then she added a perfect extra touch with her presentation. The frame and text really add a little extra something that I love.

And my Overall Winner:

Jordan @ Holding On to the Little Things had an edit with gorgeous colors! I love how deep the photo is. I have a tendency to go for overexposed, and remove color rather than saturate images, so I was really inspired by this edit that reminded me why variety is a beautiful thing!

Winners, be sure to grab your buttons from the sidebar!

See you all back here tomorrow for a brand new challenge!!


  1. grats to the winners! I had a lot of fun with this one.. :)

  2. Congratulations Jordan! I've got to get CS5 so I can use pixel blender -- it looks soooo fun! :-D

  3. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. I always think this challenge is so much fun. It's so special to be included in the Top 3. Thanks again, looking forward to the next challenge!!

  4. Thanks so much. I had fun!!