May 14, 2013

Softening Skin in Photoshop

Skin Softening + Brightness + Contrast + Sharpening Adjustments

Softening or Smoothing Skin in Photoshop

In my opinion (being a natural light photographer) photographing clients outdoors is ideal. However, in full natural light all of our skin's uniqueness tends shows up!  To the naked eye the subject is moving and little details aren't as noticable, but once captured, frozen in time, every little detail starts to show. 

As a photographer, I like the details but I don't want those details to keep us from seeing the beauty of the moment! So, even on the softest littlest of skin, I like to do a little smoothing. 

My favorite way to accomplish this in Photoshop is using a CoffeeShop Action. They are free (please donate to the site) and easy to use! I can use the same basic concepts and create this look myself, but Rita does it brilliantly. For this tutorial I used Powder Room 3. 

My steps:
(1) Run Power Room 3 in photoshop
(2) Use white soft brush at 100% to soften skin
(3) Adjust opacity of layer to likeness
(4) Pick Eye Define Layer and not only define eyes but go over the lines in and around the face to give them a little more definition. 

Sometimes I use the whitening layers and brightening if needed. 

When I'm done I merge the layers and continue adjustments. 

The difference is subtle but needed!

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  1. Beautiful done, Stephanie, I received your "reminder" .. Thanks-Hopefully you will have more this month ;)

  2. It is nice! Brightens up her skin!

  3. Hi, Stephanie! I just stumbled across the EditMe site again and found it up and running! I always appreciated the challenge; it helped me get started practicing photo editing and learned so much. Glad you're back :o)


  4. Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on Local Tamil News