April 26, 2013

April Feature!

Getting going again has been a little tough over here at Edit Me, but lets keep it going! I'm hoping many of you will still link up before the end of the month! You still have time.

While I'm recruiting guest posters, we may not see many tutorials mid-month unless I have the time to write them myself. Fortunately, Anne from Hot Coffee Mama explained her steps for us to add a sunflare in Adobe Elements so I will be featuring her edit and tutorial with you guys today! 

Here's what Anne did: Opened in Photoshop Elements and cloned out minor imperfections and distractions. Adjusted levels, added soft light layer 30%, new layer gold 15% screen. Used coffee shop's sun flare action and adjusted to my liking. Adjusted brightness and contrast, did a slight burning around the edges to make the girl pop more, reduced noise slightly and sharpened for web and there you go, more or less. 
Head over to Hot Coffee Mama and I'm sure Anne would be glad to answer any questions you have!

A tutorial on how to add sunflare in elements manually can be found here.

Thanks for participating in the Edit Me Challenge! 
A new Challenge starts May 7th! 

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  1. What a great edit! Nice and clean; it's fantastic :o)