September 4, 2012

New Challenge {Coming Soon}

Hi Friends! I hope you all had a great week! I have had a couple of friends ask about when the next challenge will be starting, so after talking some with Branson, I thought I'd take a minute a give you all a little update.

As life has gotten super busy for Branson and I, we have had to step back a little from the challenge this summer. We love the dedication that many of our readers/participants have for this challenge and really love connecting and getting to know you all. We also love that this challenge continues to attract more and more wonderful people who have a passion for photography. Even with a low link up count throughout the summer we've managed to add new people to our growing group! That makes me super excited and gives me the desire to keep the challenge going. So, in order to do that, we are going to be changing some things up (for now anyway).

Unfortunately, the time is takes to solicit sponsors and prizes for you guys isn't really feasible for either of us right now. So, we won’t be offering any prizes other than a little exposure and the benefits of learning from each other. In its peak month this year, Edit Me had nearly 4,000 views and still maintained over 2,000 in the month of August. Of course, if anyone would like to offer sponsorship, we are still open!

Now, the good news! There will be a challenge NEXT WEEK! 

September 12th will start a new editing challenge. 

I will post a photo and you guys can grab and edit away! Stephanie (that’s me) will judge the first week, then whomever I choose as my overall winner will have the opportunity to judge the next week. Now, obviously this won’t work EVERY WEEK because it will be a fairly quick turnaround time to let me know and for you to submit your photos. So, if you would like to judge please see the judging guidelines and go ahead and submit your info and three photos. We can always use you!

In case you missed them, here are some of my recent tutorials: Easy Black and White Paper Heart Camera.
and because this post has no photos, here's what we've been up to this past holiday weekend! =)

Hope to see you all September 12th!!
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  1. I'm so excited for the challenge to be back!!! No prizes, no problem. I love what I learn from this challenge and I look forward to it starting back up. Heck I don't even care if there is a winner. I just love seeing everyone's edits.

  2. I'm looking forward for the next challenge and excited at the same time 'cause it's going to be my first challenge to join. I love reading all your tutorials and it inspired me to do different compositions with my photos and of course getting to know new bloggers who love photos!

  3. This sounds like exactly the sort of thing I like to do. I have grabbed you badge and will be back:)

  4. I totally understand the "busy" factor. I have let my photography "slide" the last few months and really need to find some time to get back into it. I look forward to your next really inspires me to get out there, take pictures and practice editing! Thanks guys!