July 2, 2012

Edit Me 2012 Week 26 Winners!

Thank you all so much for doing such a great job editing my little guy! This photo was not an easy task. One thing I looked for and what I always look for in a great portrait are the eyes! This photo was shadowed and he's squinting a little because of the sun - and well good luck getting an 8 month old to keep sun glasses on his face. Also I loved the emphasis on the water and the sparkle it brings to this photo!

Erin Fike Photography
Erin did an awesome job correcting his skin down and just making this a clean photo! 

Sarah from The Stiles Files
Sarah did a great job and adjusting the color too and getting a lot of that red out of his skin and from around his eyes! (he's always rubbing those eyes) She tones she added also brought out the sparkle in the water! 

 My overall winner this week is Mariela - MCRYAN on flickr!
And well I think it's obvious why this is my favorite! I am a sucker for a sunflare - real or artificial - as long as it looks natural. His face is clear the water drops pop and it really is beautiful! Thanks Mariela!

The prize this week is for EVERYONE! Click on the image below to get these Free backgrounds for your blog, button, twitter, etc! Do with them what you like! PLEASE let me know if you use them. I'd really like to see what you do! =) I'd really love it if you head on over and "Like" my  Gray Mornings Photography and Design Facebook Page!

There's a little more. Just to say thanks for so many great weeks of Edit Me I want to offer you guys 50% off anything in my Etsy Shop. Just use code EDITME50. This will be good now through the end of July! 

Don't forget to grab your buttons!
There's no challenge tomorrow as we celebrate Independence Day!

Next week starts the Edit Me Challenge's Summer Show Off! Click HERE for details!


  1. Nice job on editing ladies, and thank you for the discount on your etsy shop!

  2. Congrats to winners and thanks for the freebies!

  3. Thanks Stephanie!! Eeekk! Half off on your Etsy shop?? I might have to take advantage of that. YAY!!!!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations, winners! And wow, thank you Stephanie, for the free backgrounds!

  5. I used one of your backgrounds on my photography blog! You can see it here: http://simplephotographybyme.blogspot.com/