February 29, 2012

Edit Me 2012 - Week 9

First things first, thank you so much to those of you who responded to my request for a new co-host. I really appreciate the support, and will definitely keep each of you in mind for future projects, vacations, etc! I did indeed find a new co-host, and I am excited to introduce her this week! She is someone who has been an active participant in this challenge since the early days. In fact she recently had a baby, and one of her very first posts back was an Edit Me post (an edit of my photo, actually) and I couldn't help but smile at how quickly she jumped back in! So... I will quit rambling on and introduce her!

Hi, I’m Stephanie. I am an almost thirty full-time working new mommy with a photography habit…okay addiction. I blog over at Behind the Camera and Dreaming, try to support my addiction with Gray Mornings Photography and enjoy my offline life in Jackson, Mississippi.

I am ECSTATIC to be joining Branson as co-host! I have enjoyed this challenge for a while now and really feel like I've connected with so many of the participants! There is much to learn in the editing world and I love seeing the unique perspective each participant brings. I hope to gain more knowledge from you and share a little of what I've learned along the way. It’s great to be here and I hope to get to know all of you a little better! You can find me blogging, tweeting, facebooking, pinning, and instagraming.

Stephanie is going to judge this week's challenge, and we thought that there was no better way for you to get to know her than to edit a photo of her adorable little man! So, she has given us a photo of Jonah... we can't wait to see what you do with it!


This challenge is all about taking a photo and making it your own with the editing program of your choice! It is also about learning a little bit from each other, and exploring new styles! There are no restrictions (unless specifically stated within the post for the week), but we do ask that you share a little bit about how you arrived at your finished product.

Here are the details:
  1. When you link up, please use your edited photo as the thumbnail!
  2. If you use the mouseover code or right-click protect your images, you need to either add a copy to the flickr pool (preferred) or it will be assumed that you agree to allow us to use a screenshot of your entry if you are a winner!
  3. The judge for the week will choose the top 3 edits from the entries, and the overall winner of the 3 
  4. If you would like to post multiple edits, specify which one is your choice for judging. Only one photo is eligible for judging, and it must be clear which one you are entering.
  5. Don't forget so share your editing steps, or some tips and tricks so we can learn from each other!
  6. Don't forget to use the #editmechallenge tag when you share your posts on Twitter. 
  7. The linky will open at the time of the post on Wednesday, and close the following Saturday at 11:59 PM (central time).
  8. Winners will be announced the following Tuesday.
  9. Don't forget to visit the other participants, and leave some comment love! As usual, the more you participate the more feedback you will get!
So, there you have it! Have fun, and can't wait to see what you come up with! And, as always, if you are interested in judging or sponsoring a challenge, be sure to let us know!

Edit Me

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